Graphic Design

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We offer a variety of graphic design services for small to medium sized businesses. When it comes to design, our aim is to increase your profitability by improving the customers' image of your company. If you require any of these services please email us and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Logo Design

Having a strong brand is vital to the success of any business; it helps to set you apart from your competitors and helps customers remember you. Having a strong logo is the key to branding your company, so it's definitely worth getting it right. Whether you need a brand new logo for your company or an existing logo re-designed, we can help. With your input we will produce a range of potential designs and work with you in improving your favourite to presentation quality. You will be provided with a vector drawing of your logo (.eps format) which can be scaled to any size without losing image quality, as well as any raster images that you need. The logo can be delivered to you via the following media: CD, E-Mail attachment or download. You will receive the full rights to your logo.

Poster and Flyer Design

Posters and Flyers are a great way to advertise your business in the local area. A successful poster will attract the customers' attention and encourage them to make further enquiries about your business, whereas a poorly designed poster will instantly leave a bad impression. If you provide us with the details that you would like to appear on the poster, we will arrange them to provide an aesthetically pleasing, coherent poster for either black and white or colour printing.

Business Card Design

Business cards are a very useful way to create links with other businesses when networking. We will create a fully bespoke business card which fits with your business's brand and image. We will create a distinctive, attractive business card and we can also advise you about the different finishes, surface effects and paper weights which are available. These are the things which will really help to make your card stand out from the crowd. We can also organise the printing of the card from a trusted supplier. We work closely with our suppliers and therefore guarantee a perfect finish.

eBay Listing Templates

Many small companies use eBay as a platform for selling their products in order to increase sales and their company's visibility. Customers who use eBay will judge the seller's integrity by, among other things, the quality and professionalism of their listing. Buyers are far more likely to buy an item from a seller whom they trust, and the quality of the listing will influence this decision. We will create a bespoke listing template for you, which will contain space for the item details but which can also contain standard information such as your return policy and contact information as well as your company logo. Using a template can save you a great deal of time when listing many items and can therefore improve your business's productivity.