Web Maintainence

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A range of web maintainence services that we offer


Maintenance of a website is essential to keep it consistent with your business, as your business evolves and to repair problems. This service is ideal if you want small alterations made to your site which do not warrant the use of a full-time web designer. Web maintenance comes in two forms: repairing errors and adding new content.

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Fixing problems
Updating and adding new content
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As your site grows and the content changes it's inevitable that problems will occur. Some of the common problems we see include:

  • Images won't display
  • Broken links
  • Text wrongly placed
  • Inconsistent styling

As a webmaster it can be very frustrating when small problems and inconsistencies spoil the polish of your site, especially if you don't know how to fix them. We will take the problem out of your hands and, using our extensive web design experience, will fix it extremely rapidly.

For this service we charge on a pro-rata basis.

To keep your site fresh and appealing to customers it's important to update it regularly. This can involve updating the style of the website, publishing new content types e.g. blogs and articles, or adding new features such as a search function, calendar or integrating your site with Google Maps. We can provide these services whether we designed your site or not, and the services are charged at either an hourly, a daily or a weekly rate.

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