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immersionDesign - Web design and Website development in Bristol
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Arequipa Spanish School

I was contracted to design this page for a Spanish School in Peru. I designed and built this page from scratch in 4 days using the content management system Drupal. The school were really happy with the site and said that it increased enrollment by 30%.


Musequality is a charity which provides instruments to children in Africa. Through the process of learning an instrument the children gain practical skills as well as self confidence and hope. I coded and tested the charity home page as well as giving extensive support to the site administrator. I configured embedded YouTube videos as well as sliding accordion panels and animated menus. I've also helped the charity to improve their marketing through the use of social media.


Over the last year I've done a substantial amount of work for the Worldbusk charity. This has included regular maintenance and development of new features including an interactive Google map which displayed the locations of donors.

Robbie's Voice

I'm building this site for a voice actor. It has an integrated audio player so that sound clips can easily be uploaded and accessed by visitors. This site is in the final stages of testing before it goes live.

Visit Robbie's Voice.


For this project I was hired by Ginzola web design to convert an image file containing the design for the site into standard compliant website in HTML and CSS.

Visit Yurts for life.


I was hired by Ginzola web design to build a payment processing system for the online shop. The system covers all the operations necessary between checkout and completion of the payment. It integrates with the existing user login and allows personal details to be sent automatically to the payment processor. I also designed and build the shopping basket.

Visit The Skin Service.


DrupalGuides.net is a community-powered archiving and rating system for Drupal guides. Drupal is an open source content management framework. This website was designed using a powerful taxonomy system to allow content to be accessed quickly and easily by users. The key feature of this site is the navigation bar which allows custom searches and searches by category, keyword and module.

Visit Drupal Guides.

PC Deck

The PCDeck is a system designed for small to medium sized computer selling businesses. Components are added to the database; the user can construct custom PC specifications by combining these components. The user can then find the cost of components, the profit per unit, the cheapest supplier and generate a custom eBay listing with one click. This software makes effortless the arduous task of updating component prices and of making eBay listings.


immersionTech.co.uk is an e-commerce website which I built as a platform from which to sell computers. The front end of this site includes a customer login, Shopping basket and a "My Saved Items" section. The back end provides a comprehensive stock management and content management system, allowing the administrator to add new computers and update product prices and specifications with the click of a button.

Visit Immersion Tech.